AES 2018

Ernest N. Morial Convention Center

30th Nov - 4th Dec, 2018

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About Us

As the largest gathering on epilepsy in the world, the American Epilepsy Society's Annual Meeting is the event for epilepsy professionals in academia, clinical practice, industry, and advocacy.
The American Epilepsy Society is one of the oldest neurological professional organizations in this country. The Society seeks to promote interdisciplinary communications, scientific investigation and exchange of clinical information about epilepsy.
Membership consists of clinicians, scientists investigating basic and clinical aspects of epilepsy, and other professionals interested in seizure disorders. Members represent both pediatric and adult aspects of epilepsy.

The National Association for the Study of Epilepsy and the Care and Treatment of Epileptics was organized in New York in 1898 under the guidance of William Pryor Letchworth, L.L.D. and Frederick Peterson, M.D. Membership was for "any person interested in the scientific study of epilepsy, or in the study of ways and means to improve the condition of epileptics, or in sociological subjects generally."

About Epilepsy
Living with seizures and epilepsy is a challenge for so many. While one person may have seizures, the experiences of living with epilepsy can affect the whole family.
The American Epilepsy Society (AES) website is the 'home' of professionals involved in the care of people with seizures and epilepsy. Here you will find information about the Society, programs available for members, as well as educational programs and news available to all professionals with an interest in epilepsy.
For people with epilepsy and their families and loved ones, feel free to look around and learn more about epilepsy.
Practice Guidelines & Parameters
Keeping current on evidence-based guidelines and practice parameters is critical for epilepsy professionals to provide quality care to patients and families.
The following sections provide resources or links to epilepsy-related guidelines or practice parameters that may be useful for health care professionals.
Seizures and Epilepsy: Resources pertaining to seizures and epilepsy are organized into 3 areas

  • Guidelines for Diagnosis
  • Guidelines for Therapy
  • Practice Parameters

Comorbidities: Resources pertaining to comorbidities of epilepsy are listed by Guidelines or Practice Parameters.